Re: Confessions from this weekend of a Potterer
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 14:57:53 -0700

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I had a similar experience on an earlier occasion when another other
sailing ship, the "Lady Washington" was anchored in Redwood City Harbor.
Returning from a sail up Redwood Creek, I circled the ship to look her
over, admiring the miles of rope, all in perfect order. Then while still
alongside the ship, which had a crew on board, I tried to lower my main,
only to find the lazy jack was fouled and the gunter yard wouldn't come
down. I had to pull the sail down manually by the leach.

P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>I had an experience at Redwood City, with "The Hawaiian Chieftain" passing
>me, earlier this year. It was quite windy with gusts to nearly 25kts or more.
>I'd forgotten to set my jiffy reefing system on my P-15 "Keysha2". While
>trying to set it up the boom swung 90 degrees over the starboard beam with
>the jiffy line blowing 3 or 4 ft straight out from the end of the boom. The
>boat was healing as I tried to retrieve the errant line. This was about the
>time the "Chieftain" motored by in the narrow channel, as she passed I heard
>on the PA system, " That little boat is obviously having trouble, you can
>tell by the sail position and that line coming off the boom." There were 40
>to 50 passengers on board to witness my display. I always check my jiffy
>reefing before I leave the dock now.
>Paul Jones
>P-15 Keysha2
>Fairfield, Ca