Re: Dropping an anchor from a potter

Bill Wallace (
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 14:54:28 -0400

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Although I haven't done this from a Potter (I'm still considering what boat
to purchase), there is a good technique for dropping/retrieving an anchor
from the cockpit. The main problem with it is that you always need to let
out all your rode, at least on the initial drop (this is a good idea
anyways, so that the anchor sets properly.) The technique is to drop the
anchor from the bow, making sure it is tied (this is mostly to ensure that
the rode follows the right path, it could be setup w/o dropping it.) Then,
walk towards the stern,letting out just enough rode to allow you to walk
sternwards. Also, the rode needs to stay on the OUTSIDE of the boat. If
you bring it inside, then it will catch when you try to drop anchor. When
you are at the stern, or at the point that you want to be able to stow the
anchor, tie another line to the anchor rode. This line should be roughly
2-3 times the distance of the rode going from the storage locker to the
bow. Pull the rest of the anchor up and stow it appropriately.

Now, instead of going to the bow, take the anchor out of the locker and
drop it overboard (gently). Make sure the extra line is tied off somewhere
in the cockpit, probably on the side that you are dropping from. Until
you are ready to pick up the anchor, the extra line is unused.

When you want to pickup the anchor, pull in the extra line, and stow in the
anchor locker. Just keep on pulling up and stow the rode as well.

I'm not sure exactly where one would stow the rode on a WWP. Possibly a
hook could be added on the stern to stow everything. If so, then a cover
should also be added to prevent UV degradation of the lines.