Re: P-15 not as stable as I thought?
Mon, 9 Aug 1999 13:13:57 EDT

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> If I can sit on the bow, using common sense and good judgement, well then
> just
> about anyone could.


There's a key word here. Sit. Yes, with the board down you can safely sit
on the bow. I keep my anchors (two danforths) on the bow pulpit. I've got
too much stuff in the cockpit already to even consider keeping an anchor and
chain under my feet. I have gone forward in very rough water to drop the
anchor. BUT the board is always down and I crawl. I keep my weight as low
as possible, stay in the center and brace myself well when going forward.
Once I've done what I have to do, I get back to the cockpit, crawling or at
least sliding along on my butt, keeping my weight as low as I can. I will
admit I've gone forward without a PFD, but only when there is no air movement
and the water is glassy. I would not go forward without a PFD in any
conditions which I would not mind swimming in. Standing on the foredeck of a
P-15 is asking for trouble. Chances are it would be just you falling
overboard. If you where to fall overboard and fight it by holding onto the
forestay or mast, I imagine you could pull the boat over. Never tried that.
Probably won't.

Those that compare the stability of a P-15 to a P-19, you can't. They are
different boats. Perhaps you can stand on the foredeck of a P-19 and play
"pirate," but you can lift a P-15's 2HP motor with one hand and stash it
easily in the trunk or lay it on the floor of the cockpit for a long road
trip! So there.

RE: Tahoe sail. The weather is still yucky today at Lake Tahoe, but the
forecast for the weekend looks fantabulous! It looks as though we will be
enjoying days in the mid-70's to low 80's and evenings in the 50's. I will
keep y'all posted as to what the weather is looking like so that you can pack
accordingly. Do be sure to at least bring a sweatshirt for the evenings, or
a light jacket. If you're sailing a P-15 and plan on doing a jig on the
foredeck, I'd suggest a wetsuit :-)

P-15 Lollipop
N. Lake Tahoe, NV