Re: Quick Release Shroud Levers

Robert Patten (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:20:56 -0500

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I'm interested in your description of the adjustable shroud lever for the
front stay. I ordered one but gave up using it when I found I had to
shorten the stay. What did you use to crimp the copper sleeves. I know
there are tools available but they seem pretty expensive for just 1 or 2
sleeves. What did you use to cut the stay? Mine are stainless steel and
would be hard to cut, I think. Or did you have to cut the stay? Maybe you
just put another sleeve on the lengthened end. Thanks for info.

At 09:13 AM 8/13/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Carl:
>Installing a shroud lever on the head stay was one of the first changes I
>made to my new (then) 1995 P19. I had difficulty in getting proper tension
>without a lot of pushing, grunting and straining. I used the smaller of the
>levers made by C.S. Johnson. Installation required shortening the stock
>headstay, and putting in a new eye, but was straightforward. I used
>crimp-on copper sleeves and a stainless thimble to fashion the eye at the
>new shorter length, and then everything went together smoothly. I also
>installed a plastic ball, called I think a "bobble" above the eye to give me
>something to push against when connecting the eye to the shroud lever. I
>rigged a leash, secured to the bow pulpit, for the pin out of a 16"
>stainless fishing leader. This prevents "oops" at an inopportune moment.
>With the installation complete, I can erect the mast either at the dock or
>underway without assistance, and the forestay is tight enough for acceptable
>sail shape.
>As for the side stays, I usually leave them attached to the mast and boat
>unless I want to remove the mast completely. Another early mod was to
>install a second set of rudder gudgeons so that the mast crutch can be used
>with the rudder in place. With all this done, the headstay is the only
>piece of standing rigging that that has to be removed to lower the mast.
>Just remove the fron pin from the mast step, undo the headstay, let the mast
>swing aft until it rests on the crutch, and then I can negotiate the fixed
>bridge that block the channel from my canal to the Gulf.
>Hope this helps,
>Mac Davis, Kelpie, WWP19#804, Aripeka, Fl

Bob Patten
Daleville, VA