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Krumpe, Andrew (AKrumpe@dgo.com)
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 12:55:23 -0400

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Hi, I used to subscribe to this list, but then I left my job where I had
email. Now I'm gainfully employed again and am looking forward to being a
part of the list again. My wife and have owned a West Wight Potter 19 for a
year now, and are continually impressed with her abilities. In a week, we
are going to trailer her down to Point Judith, Rhode Island (we live outside
of Portsmouth, New Hampshire), and sail over to Block Island for a week. Our
6 year old son will be with us, and I'm sure once we get there, he'll have a
great vacation. I'm sure it will be a real adventure for us and I hope the
weather is nice, for the sail over can be absolutely glorious.
So far this summer, we've gone sailing 8 times, from hazy, hot and
humid days with no wind, to 30 knot winds off of Salisbury beach. Has anyone
sailed out the Merrimac River? What a madhouse! I've never seen so many
boats just hanging out at the mouth of a river, fishing. On our way back in,
we were fighting an ebbing tide (not much - I believe the current was about
1-2 knots), but everybody and their brother was racing their powerboats back
upriver. Even the Newburyport Harbormaster gave us a good jostling with his
Well, I suppose that's enough fodder for now, but if anyone has any
experience sailing to Block Island, or New England sailing in general,
please feel free to email me at akrumpe@dgo.com <mailto:akrumpe@dgo.com> .

Andrew Krumpe
Lee, New Hampshire