Re: Trailering (last gasp...)
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:00:01 -0700

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You'll find out how stable it is if you ever have to swerve suddenly. I was
just moving into the truck lane on a steep grade when some joker in a car
came charging up the truck lane at about 80. I swerved back abruptly to get
out of his way and felt the trailer swing back and forth a couple of times
before things settled down. That was with more than the specified tongue
weight (well over 100 lb). But the ball on my Chinook is pretty far behind
the axle because of the overhang of the camper. Except for that minor
incident it has always felt very stable when towing. My other tow car at
present is a Mazda RX-7.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>Wow! Who would have thought that so much conversation would have been
>generated? Having read all the different views I debated whether my 2 cents
>would make any difference. It probably won't, but that is for you to decide.
>My Potter 19 with trailer weighs between 1500 and 1600 lbs. We tow it with a
>1995 Volkswagon Passat which has a V-6 engine, front wheel drive, and a 5
>speed manual transmission. I've never determined the tongue weight, but
>since both my wife (4'10", 100lbs) and I separately can lift it, I estimate
>it at 50-80 lbs. That would put it between 3 and 5 percent of the towed
>weight. We have no problems with swaying or any side to side motion unless
>we go over about 65-70 mph. I wouldn't want to go much faster than that
>anyway, and with a low tongue weight we have no trouble with steering or
>with pulling the boat out on steep ramps.
>I guess my feelings are that if you're satisfied with how things are
>working, then there's no need to mess with anything like the 10% rule of
>Andy Krumpe
>P19, Great Wight