Re: tongue weight and length
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:25:48 -0700

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I have a very old Little Dude tiltup trailer that also has excessive tongue
A rough check indicates 135 lb or more. Yesterday I moved the mast aft just
2-1/2 inches, which also allowed me to move the swingaway wheel and spare
tire the same distance. I didn't take another measurement, but it feels
lighter. The adjustment didn't seem to affect the way the boat sits on the
rollers and bunks. I'm going to leave it that way for a while to see how it
feels and handles and then may move the mast further back later. I may
lengthen the bunks also.

A year or two ago I had some damage and had to have the coupler replaced,
which was welded on, so they sawed off about 5 inches of tongue to remove
the old coupler. That may have increased the tongue weight somewhat, as I'm
sure the addition of 90 lb of batteries at the forward end of the CB trunk
did also.

I've just ordered from Champion Trailer all new suspension parts for my
rusty 32-year-old trailer. I ordered a Spindle-Lube axle, new hubs, U-bolt
tieplate kits, and new springs. Everything except the springs are
galvanized, and all parts are more subtantial than the original parts. I
also plan to change to 12-inch galvanized wheels and 5.30 x 12 tires, which
will probably require some adjustment of the fenders and keel rollers. I
need to go over the trailer frame to remove rust and repaint it. Since I
don't submerge the trailer, the rust on the frame isn't as bad as it might
be. I repainted it with "Allis Chalmers Orange" primer back in 1970. It
was Rust-Oleum or something similar.

I just installed a new trailer winch with a higher mechanical advantage to
make it easier to crank the boat back up the tiltup trailer. I bought it at
Walmart, where it was $15 cheaper than the same model at West Marine.

Any paint experts here who can recommend the best primer and paint to use
to prevent further rusting?

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>East Coasties & Web Gang:
>OK, I have corresponded with two other P15 owners with Garges trailers,
>and they both have indicated that moving the winch mast back from the
>"stock" position will reduce the tongue weight to a more reasonable
>70-80lbs. My winch mast is in the "stock" position right now, which is
>almost exactly 8" from the rear edge of the coupler to the leading edge
>of the winch mast where it attaches to the tongue. So, I need to move
>it back at least 13" from where it is now. Any other Garges gang
>members who can affirm this?
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