Re: Fun in Charleston Harbor
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 23:46:13 -0700

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>Cap'n Capsize
>Jake McLeroy wrote:

>I noticed a couple of things to which I'd like to hear others' responses.
>I noticed I had to keep the tiller pulled hard to leeward to keep the boat
>from weathervaning in strong winds. When the wind slackened somewhat, the
>required pull to hold my line was less. Is this normal? Did I have the sails
>trimmed improperly?

Heeling increases weather helm, and in 25 mph winds you probably had
considerable heel. I'm assuming you were pulling your tiller to windward
not leeward, and the boat was trying to head up into the wind. You didn't
mention whether or not you were reefed, but it's usually a good idea to
reef when the wind reaches 15 or 20 kn. The boat will go just as fast and
be more comfortable.

>My jib seems to luff quite a bit on both the luff and clew when it's pulled
>in tight. If I let it out a bit, if fills out and looks good, but I don't
>think it's set quite optimally. Could it be that the sail has stretched a
>bit? Can I do anything about it?

The general rule is, "When in doubt, let it out." For either sail, you
should be able to let it out until it luffs, then pull it in just enough to
stop luffing. Are you getting flapping or fluttering rather than luffing
when you pull the jib tight? Your sail may well be stretched, or your sheet
lead may not be optimum. P15s don't do well with the sails hauled in hard.

I'm sure others will have some better answers for you.

Harry Gordon
P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA