{Y}: Cockpit Drain for P-19 - 2nd try

Yarbrough, Linton (lyarbrough@doeal.gov)
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:12:48 -0600

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Fellow Potterers:
I posted the msg below on 7/22 (V99 #179) and received one off-line
response that was interesting/informative but really did not address my
questions. Please allow me to re-submit this posting.
Thanks, Lin

WWP-19 #928/ NNAY, a true work in progress; hope to get promised film
images digitized this weekend.
Alb., NM


... Potter group:

The first part of this posting is for the whole group ...

My P-19 came w/a single, center-line cockpit drain, 3/4" ID. The
un-supported hose leading to the CL thru-hull retained a severe crimp
because of the placement and lengths of the fittings. I removed all of
it and shall replace with two drains (P&S) of 1.25" ID, spiral supported
hose. The thru-hulls have flap (one-way) valves and the cockpit sole
fittings have removable strainers. Everything I've read said TWO drains
(preferably crossed , P drain to S exit and vice versa) and as large as
can be reasonably installed.

The questions being posed for the group are: Do you think the factory
single CL drain is sufficient in both size and placement to efficiently
drain the cockpit if it holds a dangerous amount of water? Do you think
my proposed approach will do the job quickly enough of draining a filled
( or nearly so ) cockpit? Are the crossed hoses advantageous on a P-19?
Seems to me that under substantial heeling the boat would leave the lee
exit above the water line and below the cockpit sole while the weather
exit would be above the sole, so the advantage is in NOT crossing the
hoses. I've no experience with water filled cockpits and hope never to,
but I want any water (especially large amounts) out of there ASAP.

Thanks for your help and patient attitude toward my rambling notes, Lin
P-19 #928, NNAY
Alb., NM