RE: Cockpit Drain for P-19 - 2nd try

Eric Johnson (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 10:25:55 -0700

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> ... Potter group:
> The first part of this posting is for the whole group ...
> PART 1
> My P-19 came w/a single, center-line cockpit drain, 3/4" ID. The
> un-supported hose leading to the CL thru-hull retained a severe crimp
> because of the placement and lengths of the fittings. I removed all of
> it and shall replace with two drains (P&S) of 1.25" ID, spiral supported
> hose. The thru-hulls have flap (one-way) valves and the cockpit sole
> fittings have removable strainers. Everything I've read said TWO drains
> (preferably crossed , P drain to S exit and vice versa) and as large as
> can be reasonably installed.

I've never heard of this, but I've not really looked either. The 3/4" drain
is what I have. I added a scupper outside the transom (the Attwood scupper
flap fits over the exisitng thruhull), which kept me a lot drier, but I'm
still unhappy with the arrangment.

> The questions being posed for the group are: Do you think the factory
> single CL drain is sufficient in both size and placement to efficiently
> drain the cockpit if it holds a dangerous amount of water?

I think placement is probably ok. I'm not at all happy with the stock size.

> Do you think
> my proposed approach will do the job quickly enough of draining a filled
> ( or nearly so ) cockpit? Are the crossed hoses advantageous on a P-19?
> Seems to me that under substantial heeling the boat would leave the lee
> exit above the water line and below the cockpit sole while the weather
> exit would be above the sole, so the advantage is in NOT crossing the
> hoses. I've no experience with water filled cockpits and hope never to,
> but I want any water (especially large amounts) out of there ASAP.

My experience is limited but I've thought about this a lot myself. It never
occurred to me to try two drains, but I don't like the idea simply because
its more places for leaks, and you'll have some big centerline holes to
fill. My little drain has gotten clogged with debris a couple times so badly
that rainwater has filled up the sole like a tub. Like you, I intend to
replace mine with the flush-mount 1.5" hose cockpit drain and the
corresponding thru-hull with scupper. But I am planning on doing it in the
stock locations so I don't have to mess with blocking the old holes. These
drains and thru-hulls are so big i don't think anything smaller than a rat
could plug them.

I've also toyed with the idea of adding a seacock, but I dont think i will.
I figure if the hose were to breach and i was taking on water, the last
place i would even think of going would be down a quarterberth to turn the
seacock. Its a bit of a shame that the thru=hull is on the centerline, since
that complicates even getting a plug in there with the rudder in the way.