?!?!?!!! Re: Wednesday's WTO Events--Whats really going on in

Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:49:35 EST

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** I apologize that this message is off subject of sailing, but this one hit
home. May want to skip if not interested in the subject**

I think it can be summed up as "Wrong Place, Wrong Time." I cannot
sympathize for somebody out at 0000 to 0400 getting gassed KNOWING the
problems going on in the area. In legal terms, it is called 'guilty by
association'. Many big businesses were closed all day in the downtown area
until WTO blows over, so people didn't have to commute in the area. I notice
that this report ALSO left out selective KEY information that the
'protestors' were causing trouble right outside the 6th precinct station, and
police didn't used gas until 0200 (any civilized reason to be there in large
masses at 0200? no WTO meetings at that time) when they wouldn't break it up.
I find it disgusting to think that I devoted a good part of my adult life
thus far to the military, (and my wife still does) to 'protect the freedom'
of people like these 'demonstrators' who cause damage to innocent people/
property 'just because', then have the **lls to complain when local
authorities restore order. Too bad each and every one of them can't catch
the 'lead poisoning' that killed a fellow sailor, soldier, marine, or aviator
in the past who willingly paid the ultimate price to PROTECT the american way
of life, not destroy it. Enough said.