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>Did you also know that the Honda engine which was the first engine that not
>need smog equipment was designed by an American motorcycle mechanic?
>was not interested in it and so he sold the concept to Japan. The first
>Honda 600 cars were little two seaters with motorcycle engines. They were
>first sold in motorcycle dealerships.

I had one of the "large" (2 + 2 seating) 1971 Honda 600s. I bought it used
for $1200 with 32,000 miles on the odometer. A fellow I worked with told me
(when I showed him the car) that he knew " a ton of people" that had had
Hondas that blew up at 40,000 miles. When the car reached 60,000 (I had a
long commute at the time) I met a guy that told me I had better sell it
quick because they were notorious for blowing up at 50,000 miles, and I was
pushing my luck. At around 78,000 miles another guy I worked with called me
aside, and with concern showing on his face, told me that I needed to sell
the Honda soon because a mechanic friend of his told him that around 80,000
miles the engines would blow up sending shrapnel in all directions! At
94,000 miles I had a job change, and move, and I no longer had need of the
little box so after a needy friend of mine bugged me for a couple of months
I sold it to him for $400. Fifteen years later I moved back up to the area
and looked my friend up to see if he was still alive, or if they were still
picking pieces of motor out of his scalp. When he saw me at his door he
said, "You can't have it back!" It turns out that he was still driving the
little thing around and even though it had nearly 200,000 miles on it at
that time, it was still running strong.

During the 62,000 miles that I had the little thing I bought 6 sparkplugs, 4
tires, a set of front brake pads, and a set of brushes ($12.35) for the
"generator?" (it was part of the engine block). This little car and the
Ford Festiva (Mazda 232) which we bought in 1990 (also got us to the
100,000 mark) spoiled us. We were not prepared for the cost involved in
owning a M G Midget (bought when we sold the Ford). I don't think I spent
over $200 on either the Honda or the Ford for repairs for the whole time I
owned them, whereas the MG averaged that much each time I drove it down the