Re: 'bilge' water
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 21:48:48 -0800

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I don't have a P19, so I don't know how much room you have on the sole near
the low point. If there is enough room, you might install a screw-in
deckplate of the type at the top of page 773, lh column, of the West Marine
1999 Master Catalog. Then you could remove the plate to inspect the bilge,
and sponge or pump out if necessary. If you use the transparent kind you
can inspect without opening the plate, but they have a nonskid plate also
that might be better suited for the deck. The plates screw in and out
easily without tools. I've used two of the transparent type on my P15 for
watertight access to electrical items.

P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>Some time ago, the liner of Wind Shadow cracked around the keel trunk. This
>allowed water that either sloshed in from the keel, or creep through the
>crack of the hatch to go right through. My suspicion is that there may have
>been some water in the bilge before, it froze, therefore causing the crack.
>Anyway, the crack has been sealed, but the water that gets in the bilge seeps
>up through a small hole under the mast support post. This water will not go
>forward enough for me to sponge it out of the fwd compartment, nor will it go
>aft enough for it to drain from the transom plug. Bottom line, I can't get
>to it by 'normal' means, but I know it's still there.
>Has anybody seen what's under the liner? (centerline in the cabin) I am
>thinking about installing a drain tube, similar to the one on the transom in
>the cabin floor, with a tube attached, going to the lowest point in the
>bilge. This way, I can either pump it out with a water pump (if it were to
>ever get water in it again), or even shop-vac it out. The boat sits on the
>trailer 99% of the time, and I don't know that I want to consider a second
>bilge plug on the bottom of the boat. I'm open for suggestions..
>Russ de Ment
>Silverdale, WA
>WWP19 #779 "Wind Shadow"
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