xmas lites, anchors, log of the Riptide

Eric Zilbert (eezilbert@ucdavis.edu)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 16:09:41 -0800

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Hello all - Have been on the end of quarter/end of year deadline crunch
with little time to write. I would like to put the lites up on mine, but
if it is not covered, the birds defficate all over it. Also the top 1/4
of the mast would be burried in a tree.

I use two anchors, a 12lb Bruce copy w/ 20 ft. of chain and a and a 4lb.
danforth with 4 ft. chain. Seem to work well.

We took the boat out on the Sacramento Friday after Thanksgiving.
Launched at Discovery Park which was a good ramp with a fair amount of dock
space. Little used in November. Aboard were myself, my father, my
sister, her son, and both my boys. I believe that is three adults and
three kids. We motored up-stream about two miles, then sailed/drifted
down stream while trolling. Wind was light and I only had the lapper up.
No boom or main. Lots of neat looking restaurants in this stretch of the
river. Current was about 2 knots which made steering tricky. We were
being swept toward a snag in one bend and I had to restart the motor pretty
quickly, almost went for the lunch hook but reversing the Nissan 5 worked
and we were out of danger.

We came to the I street bridge and although my chart said we could pass
under, I elected to approach cautiously with the motor running. We came
withing 5 feet of the span and the consensus was we were not going to make
it under, so we motored back up to the junction of the American River, and
proceeded up it. We madeit without trouble under the two bridges near
Discovery Park. Then back to the ramp. No fish caught.

Riptide is all clean and under her tarp. I need to get a ventilator for
the anchor rode openning, I was thinking about a flexible cowl or maybe a
solar fan unit, though it seems expensive. My holiday best to the list.
- Eric
Eric Zilbert
Davis "not by the sea" California
P19 #621 "Riptide"