RE: Bilge water - list of leak points for P19

Eric Johnson (
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 09:39:13 -0800

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> writes:
> This must be endemic to P19's. Not enough sealant or none at all
> is used in
> many fittings. Must be the rush to get them out the door.

Yep. I had the opportunity the other day to get inside Tim Spoffords 1990
P19 and it is dramatically different from my 1988 model, so YMMV. I'm
somewhat convinced that no two P19s are alike :)

> Thanks for the list of leaks. I am slowly finding all the ones you
> mentioned. The list will help in finding the rest of them.

I hope so. Bedding fittings goes a long way towards fixing. Most of the
books recommend polysulfide for anything not plastic, but I hate the way it
turns yellow so I'm experimenting with a few other things in various places.
Drilling out the holes oversize, filling with epoxy, and re-drilling seems
to be the proper shippy way to deal with cored sections.

I mostly found leaks by simply getting in the boat with a flashlight during
downpours. Bring some paper towel or tissue and just lay it against various
surfaces to see if its wet (hard to see the small leaks)... then trace to
its source.

> <SNIP>
> "Other major rainwater leak reductions occurred when I move the
> handrails to
> atop the hatch slide guides, allowing me to permanently fill 8
> holes in the
> cabintop (though I think some potters came this way). "
> <SNIP>
> I have above described leak! I am going to have to cut the inner liner at
> sliding hatch screws to remove and reinstal. They seem to be
> leaking.

On mine, the screws were put through the liner, so i had to do no cutting.
I've rebedded these several times, and they seems to always spring new
leaks. I think the sealant gets displaced as I position the guides, because
the guides are flat while the cabintop is slightly curved. If you make any
breakthroughs on this, please let me know. Moving the handrails certainly
helped though! at least theres only half the holes to leak.

>I had
> to put a tarp over cabin top to reduce water flow.

I do that in the winter (where it rains like every day here), but when the
boat was on the water this summer it kept pretty dry without that.