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Rich Duffy (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:51:13 -1000

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I looked into making a bow pulpit for P-14 #362 ... or having one

In the end, I decided that what you really need from a bow pulpit is

You only need the pulpit when the seas are big, and the bow is
pitching, but you have to get up there anyway. That's not the time
when you want to rely on your first effort in pulpit construction.

I bought the pulpit from IM. They charged me two hundred and
something and they mailed it for something like another $40.

Three weeks later, the thing hadn't arrived at my home in Hawaii. I
called IM and they said that they'd mailed it the day I ordered it
... and they said not to worry. If it didn't arrive, they'd send
another. No problemo.

A couple days later, the thing arrived. Obviously the Post Office
folks had thrown it on the slow boat to Hawaii (a not-uncommon
experience for those of us who live in the islands.)

It was the most amazing package I'd ever seen. It looked like a
cardboard bow pulpit. IM had simply wrapped mailing tubes around all
the rails, and wrapped strips of cardboard over the mounting plates,
and slapped a bunch of stamps on it. The four "legs" were dangling

At first I was appalled. It seemed inevitable that the thing would be
bent, given the inevitable abuse that it must have received from the
Post Office.

Why, I wondered, hadn't they at least fastened all four mounting
plates to a big square of plywood, so that the four "legs" of the
thing would have some support, rather than dangling unattached at the
mounting-plate end.

After I unwrapped it, however, I realized that the thing was in
perfect alignment and so damn strong that you *could* ship it the way
they did. Their shipping practice derived from their confidence in
their product.

I easily mounted it on my bow. I've yet to climb out there while on
open water. But I know that, when I do, I won't be worrying about the
strength of that bow pulpit. Looks great too!

Aloha, Rich
P-14 #362 "Manele"
Kula, HI

> Has any one any ideas on how to make a Bow Pulpit for
> my 1972 P14. I am up in central New York so I have
> plenty of time until back in water next spring. I have
> boat store here who will construct one for $ 450.00
> any help or suggestions welcome.
> Thanks
> Hal Henty (Rosebud)#448