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Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:32:38 -0800

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Harry and alI

I set this list up leading up to my favorite, no pulpit at all. I agree
that a pulpit on a P-15 can be handy at times, and give one a salty look,
but I also believe that they can also be a true hazard. For one, they can
give a false sense of security on the tiny deck of the P-15, especially to a
newbe. To go forward on a P-15 is risky even with a pulpit. Jesse liked to
ride up on Otters foredeck, and because of that I was glad that we had a
pulpit. We were very careful not to let him out there when we were in
anything but the lightest winds and in sheltered waters because of the cold
(50 degrees) water temperature. I also motored with him up there (which I
wouldn't have done without a pulpit) but I found it a great distraction as I
felt that I could never take my eyes off of him or relax.

I agree with your statements about it being a great bumper, handle etc., but
I don't know if that alone is reason to spend the bucks on one. On Otter I
found the pulpit sometimes got in the way, like when I polled out the jib.
Another problem with pulpits is they require more holes to be drilled
through the thin Potter deck. So, when your teenage son tries to impress
his girlfriend by pulling himself out of the water by the pulpit you end up
with around 300 (or more) ft/lb. of torque on that 3/16 molding. Gelcoat
cracks are a pain to deal with.

Funny thing is that you left out the best use that I found for a pulpit on a
P-15... When you want to paint the bottom you can slide the boat out on to
your lawn, roll it over and have it sit on the pulpit, and a STRONG sawhorse
across the cockpit gunnels (not the rails... another subject).


>>3. Build one yourself out of conduit.
>How does that hold up in saltwater? Does it dent and bend too easily?
>>2. Buy one from IM.
>The way to go, unless you can find the same ones cheaper elsewhere.
>>And in the #1 spot... Don't install one because, on the smaller Potter,
>>they are more of a bother than help.
>I'm not sure a pulpit is necessary, but mine has never been a bother. It is
>handy when launching and docking. It is an effective bumper; I ran into a
>barnacle-encrusted piling pretty hard and hardly scuffed the stainless bow
>rail. It's a great place to mount a red-green running light. The pulpit
>adds weight forward, which most P15s need, but it adds above-the-deck
>weight and windage, which are undesirable. You can stow an anchor on the
>pulpit (I don't), and, of course, the primary purpose: it provides security
>for someone working or riding on the foredeck.
>Harry Gordon
>P15 #234, Manatee (since 1970)
>Mountain View, CA