Re: Ideas for a P-15 outhaul

Bruce Hood (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:50:17 -0800

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"Judith Blumhorst, DC" wrote: ( lots of good stuff about
setting up an outhaul..)
Thanks very much for all the help and good advice Judy...
I am tempted to route the outhaul internally for the same
reasons you give... too many lines ( reefing, etc ) dangling..
but since the boom is really pretty skinny on a P-15 and
already has a bunch of rivet heads sticking down inside it,
I am pretty sure I will "Keep it simple..etc." and set it up
externally. Your advice on a little movement at the outhaul
creating a big change in draft was not lost on me... because
I need to lengthen the boom to get the fitting further aft to
flatten the main, I think I am going to have to get the Dwyer
outhaul cap, rather than use smooth eyestraps on boom.
My present set up, tied up as tight as it will go, still won't
flatten the main as much as one might sometimes want to..
(besides not being adjustable at all!)
and that eyestrap is just about at the end of the boom.. I
love the idea of using a piece of shock cord to keep the
end from dangling.... I am working on the outhaul, along
with practicing my downwind sailing more, as I realize I have
spent a lot of time developing good windward skills with the P-15
while avoiding practicing downwind..( which I used to consider
boring , compared to cleverly beating upwind ). I am picking
the brains of my local Thistle fleet members, some of whom ar
very competition minded and very good sailors..
Best wishes... and thanks again..
Kathryn and I will probably be at the Potter Club brunch in
January, hope to see you there.. Now... back to grading
papers...(this is finals week at my college)