Re: Ideas for a P-15 outhaul
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:46:31 -0800

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Manatee doesn't have the same boom as your boat, but I've heard somewhere
that your boom will no longer fit in the cabin if it's lengthened at all. I
don't know if that would be a problem in your case. If so you might want
the boom end cap to be removable for stowage. (On my boat, either rig, the
boom always remains with the upper yard, which is much too long to fit

The outhaul will be more effective with a 2:1 purchase, which is almost as
easy to rig as what you suggest and has the advantage of pulling the clew
straight back. The line just goes from a strap or ring at the boom end, on
one side, forward through the clew grommet, then back to a block on the
opposite side (a cheek block on my boat). From the block the line runs
forward to a cleat and location of your choice along the boom. I use a red
ball on the loose end so I can spot it quickly and grab it when the boom is
within reach. I use essentially the same setup on both my gunter boom and
lateen (Sunfish) boom.

On mine I was able to use an eyebolt through the boom to attach the cheek
block, which simplifies the installation and provides a balanced load on
the bolt. The end of the outhaul line ties to the ring of the eyebolt of
course. But you will need something further aft I think, using the Dwyer
boom-end cap or something similar with a ring on each side, or possibly you
could drill a hole to put an eyebolt through the end cap. The nut end of
the eyebolt would secure a small cheek block.

Actually the outhaul is set up about the same as the jiffy reefing lines,
but will use much less line.

I use the outhaul frequently, pulling it tight to depower in a strong wind,
easing it for light air or more power in a chop.

P14 #234, Manatee
Mountain View, CA

>Hi fellow Potter Sailors..
>I'm pondering the best way to set up an adjustable outhaul,
>so I can flatten the mainsail, or set it fuller while on the water..
>I notice that Dwyer aluminum makes a boom end-cap with an
>eye for attaching the clew of the main, or a small block and
>an eye for attaching the mainsheet blocks.. this would be
>pretty simple.. just run a line from the clew around a small block
>then take the line forward to a small fairlead clamcleat attached
>to the top of the boom near the boom's inboard end.. then one
>could just reach up and adjust it. While thinking about this it
>also occured to me that you could just endcap the boom and
>run a line internally forward within the boom, then exit the
>boom on the underside.. However since the boom is fairly
>slender I'm leary of making any holes in it that might cause
>a weak spot... I need to end cap the boom to make it a little
>longer than the location of the present end staple riveted to the
>boom, in order to have enough length to stretch the foot a little
>further aft... Has anyone else made an adjustable outhaul and
>have any suggestions.. I thing Don Bergst made a beautiful hardwood
>endcap with a hole in the center and a notch for the outhaul line that
>the he routed the line forward along the boom with.. but I can't
>remember if he routed the line inside the boom or not.. Any
>further ideas, or descriptions of a working system are welcome..
>best wishes,
>Bruce Hood, P-15 "Aillte" sail no. 1246