Admin Note: Minor (?) Catastrophe

Dennis W. Farrell (
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:50:54 -0800

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[long, but please read]

All: as of Christmas day, I've lost all my Potter-related files - and
everything else, for that matter. Combine a crashed disk containing
*all* my computer work for the past 4 years and a back-up scheme which
didn't work when needed and you have the really intense fun I've been
having for the last three days. My system is now rebuilt as far as
programs are concerned. All (repeat *all*) data is gone. All Potter
stuff - all digests, all saved correspondence, all bounce notices, all
subscribes/unsubscribes, all material saved from the lesbois web site,
and on and on and on. My historyof thePotter List is gone. I've lost
my address book. All my notes on interesting and/or useful things to do
with and for Potters are gone.

This won't interfere to any great extent with ongoing list operations.
Slow them a bit, and perhaps require that people re-contact me if
they've asked for an action which I haven't done

I would appreciate it if:
- those with whom I've been recently corresponding would send me their
email addresses and copies of their last notes to me if they saved
- those 4 people with whom I had been attempting to share list
maintenance would email me;
- those who have related web sites which aren't listed on the Potter
Yachter's site would send me their URLs;
- those who had previously told me they had an extensive collection of
Potter Digests would email me;
- anyone who has copies of the correspondence concerning the transition
of the list from Joe McWilliams to Allen Parks to me would send me

In addition. I've sent information on "how to use the list" -
subscribing, unsubsribing, avoiding html, not "replying to" the digest
and that sort of thing - and I'd appreciate getting back copies of that
material if anyone has saved them. It will save my reinventing the

Finally, a person on the list sent me some *good* material on how to
avoid use of html in Netscape email and a URL containing lots of
Netscape "help" material on that and related topics. I'm sufficiently
brain-fried after the last three days that I can't recall who. Please
let me know who you were and if possible re-send the URL(s).

That's the story.

Happy New Year - and many of them - to all.

Regards -- dwf (Potter Mailing List maintainer) - and disgraced
computer professional !!