The West Wight Potter Email List / Newsgroup

The West Wight Potter Email List was a large list with members throughout the world (though mostly in the US). The list had no direct connection with the Potter-Yachters, but it was a valuable resource to all Potter owners, and indeed was very useful if you were just thinking about being a Potter Owner. An email sent to a single "group" email address was automatically forwarded to all members of the list, and replies would likewise go to everyone. In the year 2000, it was abandoned in favor of using Yahoo Groups. A partial archive of the mailing list prior to the move is available at

The group was transitioned to a new site again because Yahoo Groups is no longer supported. When it was hosted by Yahoo Groups, messages were located at

The current Newsgroup can be found on the website at Subscribing/unsubscribing can be done from that page.

At the time that Yahoo Groups was moved to, an archive was made. That archive should be available in both places until the Yahoo Group website becomes unavailable.

Additionally, many West Wight Potter owners communicate using the Trailer Sailor Forum supoorted and operated by You can join that discussion at

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