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Potter Yachter Membership

Annual dues are $25. Also available for $20 is a member packet of interesting stuff about Potters, including The Many Ways to Potter by De Marsh. This packet contains historical material, and may be of particular interest to P-15 owners.

Checks should be made out to Kevin Crowder and sent to:

Kevin Crowder
P.O. Box 124
Standard, CA 95373


The Potter Yachter is the club's monthly newsletter. It is now available for free by clicking on the News Letters box above.

Potter Yachters Burgees Now Available!

(See 'Origin of Our Burgee')

Send check for $25.00, made out to Pat Brennan, to:

Kevin Crowder
P.O. Box 124
Standard, CA 95373

Please send us your questions, comments, or other info, and put "potterpage" in the subject. We will try to add any new info as fast as we can.