Stories of Pottering

  • Chubby Commutes to Hawaii
    In July 2002, Bill Teplow sailed his Potter 19, Chubby to Hawaii. This is an article he wrote describing the trip.

  • Bill Teplow's Single-handed Sail from San Francisco to Hawaii on a West Wight Potter 19
    A website by Joseph Oster, at

  • How to pack a P-15 for overnighting by Bruce Hood

  • Story of a P-14 in trouble on Lake Michigan, from Small Boat Journal.

  • Cruising the Bahamas in a Potter 19

  • Annual Northwest Messabouts

    The Potter Yachters adventured to the north! Did these guys really drive nearly 1,000 miles to sail for a few days with the certainty of being rained on? You bet. MA-I was in 2003. And they did it more than once!

  • SF Bay Area Messabouts
    The Potter Yachters had so much fun up north that they attempted to replicate it back home! And... success!

  • John Van Ruth Sails a P14 to Hawaii from Mexico

  • Stanley Smith's voyage across the North Sea

  • Baja Potter - Dik Richardson's HMS-18

  • Baja Potter - Eric Zilbert's Baja Adventure

  • Tales of Turning Turtle

  • "They Didn't Always Have Motors"
    Story of a trip in the Suisun Slough, by Ed Jochim

  • The Sail to Estela!
    Dave Kautz and his wife, Jon Hunolt, and Harry Gordon went an incredible 30 miles in one day to visit the Estela, a turn of the century sailing vessel mired in the South Bay mud. Here's their route, and the main story has a wonderful bunch of pictures by Jon Hunolt and Harry Gordon.

  • David Reiss' Avid Sailer

  • Story of a long-ago regatta...

  • Origin of Our Burgee

  • Sails Up and Rails Down for the Channel Islands

  • Otter takes on Water

  • Petaluma to Richmond

  • Richmond sail

  • A Slough Less Traveled

  • David Diefenderfer - Pelicana South of the Border

  • David Diefenderfer - Pelicana's trip to the Topoch Gorge

  • Sparrows and Guppies - Other Potter-type boats
  • Love and the Potter