little boats/big boats
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 13:57:55 EDT

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Hello Folks,

Last Wednesday I performed a mental experiment with my P15. I sailed a
planned 20 mile triangular course starting at Channel Islands Harbor, out
about 3.5 miles to Gina (an oil derek) north to Ventura Harbor - 8 miles -
(ate lunch and rested), then back down to CI harbor, 7.5 miles. Air was
light at 8-10 knots, seas were mellow at 2-3 feet with 1-2 foot wind waves.
I was experimenting with personal endurance and sea sickness (no meds) over a
"long" ocean course. Since it was an experiment it was hard to just have a
good time. Strange, but thats the way my mind works. Next time, it would be
a "fun" trip. Anyway, I left the dock at 10:00am and returned to the same
dock at 5:00pm. 45 minutes was used for lunch and 1:20 minutes entering and
exiting harbors. Subtracting lunch and harbors the ocean part of the trip
took about 5 hours. I endured, although it was a trial by the time I hit
Ventura. Lunch and COFFEE brought me back to life however, and the last leg
home was quite pleasant.

As a total coincidence my brother asked me to crew on a 36' Meriner Ketch in
the Wooden Boat race held on Saturday. It was the same exact course I sailed
on Wednesday, minus the harbors and lunch! Now was a great oportunity to
sail on a really cool big wooden boat but over the same course as the P15.
The conditions were similar but the winds were a steady 10 knots with 12-15
knot gusts. Time to do it in the big boat was 3.5 hours. The ride was
GREAT. Such a smooth motion and wonderful deck space to lay out on. (Yes, I
know, it represents the dark side.) The fastest time was a little over 2
hours in some 60 footer or something like that. The race was a handicaped
start with shorter, less canvased boats leaving first according to some
formula. This was designed to get all the boat across the finish line at the
same time. It nearly worked out that way and it was quite spectacular....but
we won! By about 5 boat lengths. It was very cool.

Notes: (1) a one dollar bill, three dimes, two nickles, and 60 pennies will
fit into the envelope slot to pay for parking if you spread them out in the
envelope. (2) Jelly Bellies should not be eaten on a sensitive stomach while
sailing. (3) After rebuilding the companion way hatch/"table" to 5/8" and
beefing up all around, it does make an excellent table at the end of a sail.
I was not influence but my mom's peach pie either!

John McCarter
P15 #1278 - no name yet